Freight shipments are covered by standard carrier liabilities listed on documents such as CMR, AWB or BL. Unfortunately, the offered monetary coverage is limited and leaves the shipper open to financial risk.

Global Freight Solutions recommends that its clients consider a supplemental cargo insurance plan that bridges the gap between a carrier’s limited liability and the full value of the freight.

To ensure our clients are offered a holistic service GFS is able to offer insurance coverage at an additional premium. Coverage can be either a single risk, or an open cargo / full coverage options, which are further detailed hereunder.

Contact us to discuss and offer the best solutions for your organization’s cargo insurance requirements and needs.

Single Risk Cargo Policy

Single Shipment Cargo Exposure – also called a Single Risk Cargo Policy – covers a single shipment of goods.

All Cargo Policy

All Cargo Exposure – also called an Open Cargo Policy – covers all shipments of goods made by a customer. This type of policy is preferred by shippers who require automatic coverage for frequent shipments.

Claims Assistance

Our services do not end with the offering of the right insurance policy, we at GFS pride ourselves in facilitating processes of any possible damage claims by helping, assisting and facilitating processes with our insurers.