Our comprehensive and high-capacity network allows us to provide you with a fast and flexible service.

Our road and sea links allows us to fully serve customers with tailor made solutions to fit their specific door-to-port or door-to-door transportation needs, whether it is a small consignments, part-loads or full-loads. Multimodal shipments can be shifted from air to road, sea, or any requirement cost effectively and with efficient transportation solutions.

Our Multimodal Transportation system works as a vital connecting link in our wide arena of Supply chain Management System. We have a wide array of Trucks, Trailers and other inland transportation vehicles which carry your Cargo from the Place of Origin to Port of dispatch or customer premises in an economical and Time bound manner.

We work relentlessly to ensure that any problems that may arise are dealt with immediately in a logical manner and in line with your requirements.

We aim to leave an impact against customer requirements with our involvement in multimodal transport; we have a proven track of carriage of goods by more than one mode of transport under a single contract. As a multimodal transport operator, we assume responsibility for the execution of the multimodal transport contract and operations, and of the carriers participating within in the multimodal framework of works.

We have excellent business links with individual transport operators that together provide the best of services. Our Multimodal transport is planned and coordinated as a single operation, minimising the loss of time and the risk of loss, pilferage and damage to cargo at trans-shipment points. We maintain excellent communication links and coordinate interchange and onward carriage smoothly at trans-shipment points.