Transporting freight that’s Out Of Gauge (OOG), presents a unique set of logistical challenges. Safe delivery of oversized cargo demands specific expertise and precise handling. We at Global Freight Solutions can provide you with optimum feasible solutions according to the client’s specific requirements.

Global Freight Solutions specialize in meeting the complex challenges posed by OOG cargo from the very beginning till the job is complete.

Thinking outside the box

Creative problem solving is a big part of securing oversized and project cargo that simply won’t fit or can be shipped via standard means of transportation. From origin to destination, our freight team is on hand with expert solutions to counter your most complex oversized freight shipping problems.

• Door to Door transport
• Heavy Lift capabilities
• Flat Rack loading & lashing
• Open Top loading & lashing
• Dunnage calculation & distribution
• Cargo survey & repair services
• Stowage analysis

Door to Door

Proper handling of oversized cargo begins long before it reaches the dock. With our domestic and international inland transport capabilities, we can offer your OOG shipment convenient door-to-door service.

Contact us today to discuss your project cargo and oversized ocean freight needs.